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If you use a laptop computer in the field at night, you don't want to lose your night vision or interfere with other astronomers!
 Computer Screen Light Shield products,
and the all new
Computer Cave are the answer.

Developed by an astrophotographer, for the astrophotographer

Are you looking for the perfect eyepiece to use with that new telescope Whether youíve wanted to try one of the acclaimed new 20mm eye-relief, 72į Delos, the coma correcting Paracorr for your Dob/Newt, or any of the other tack-sharp TeleVue eyepieces, now is the time contact us about matching you with the perfect eyepiece and accessory for your observing pleasure.

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 TeleVue Telescopes and Eyepieces and Accessories.

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Featured Mounts

Introducing new the ZEQ25 
An extraordinary new innovation in mount design. The new iOptron "Z" design mount puts the weight of the payload at the center of gravity allowing for greater natural stability. Given its payload capacity, this means the "Z" designed mount is unusually light-a nice benefit when setting up at a remote site. Other features include an adjustable counterweight bar to prevent obstruction with the tripod. And polar aligning is quick and accessible all the time since the polar scope is not blocked by the declination shaft.

The new
iEQ45-AZ German equatorial-altazimuth GOTO mount is the latest development of iOptronís premium equatorial mount, the iEQ45. It offers superb astro-imaging capability and portable visual astronomy. With the ability to change from altazimuth mode to equatorial mode you have a product with high performance in both positions.

* Does not include telescope, PowerWeight or eyepieces



Astronomy magazine called this scopeís predecessor, the 66mm Astro-Tech AT66ED, ďa product everyone should own." The new Astro-Tech AT72ED upgrades that best-selling predecessor by increasing the aperture to 72mm to give you 9% higher resolution and 19% more light gathering; upgrades the focuser to 2", with a 1.25" adapter; and increases the focuser travel to 80mm to allow imaging with a wider variety of camera types. Astronomy said the AT72ED was ďa great grab-and-go scope, a fine little astrograph, a super-finder scope, and a daytime spotting scope."